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Integrity, Team Work, Excellence and Service are the values that define our business philosophy. We pride ourselves on being part of the solution that can help change the lives of the men, women and children in our community.

Tough time?

If it's not you, it's someone you love...

Community Care LLC's mission is to provide the highest quality and compassionate behavioral health services to our clients, families, and others in need in an environment that fosters their ability to resolve and bring change in order to help achieve and attain their goals. 

Community Care LLC's Vision is to be the trusted partner for upholding, supporting and maintaining recovery of our patients.

Mental illness does not discriminate -- it affects 1 in 4 Americans regardless of age, race, gender, income, or any other aspect of cultural identity. Common problems such as depression, anxiety and even rarer problems such as bipolar disorder are all around us. Many people don't want to talk about it, but it is an illness just like (and is as common as) heart disease or diabetes and can be treated.  

You're not alone in this battle and you don't have to be.  ​​Let us help!


Whether it's a child, teen, or adult, we are here to support and help you balance your thoughts feelings and actions.

Community Care

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As a mental health agency that provides a wide array of mental health services for kids, youth and adults, we are skilled at assisting those with multiple challenges as well as promoting and supporting individuals and families.

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Community Care provides reliable and compassionate services and support to meet the needs of our communities. As a community resource center, Community Care is committed to delivering high quality, cost effective healthcare services. We take pride in providing our employees and customers a stable and diverse work environment with equal opportunity for learning and growth.


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  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (Minors & Adults)
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We commit to empowering our community by providing exceptional services and access to resources.

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Healthy families mean stronger communities. It is our goal to strengthen relationships and develop healthy interactions